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    • Mark Mentovai's avatar
      Sync base/numerics with upstream as of 97fa6e4bdf7b · d3e46f17
      Mark Mentovai authored
      Most importantly, this picks up:
      97fa6e4bdf7b Remove a few unnecessary semicolons
      The entire range is:
      1bb44b3c5f9b Remove unused cassert include in
      ef3f35d7e604 Remove more unnecessary includes, limits.h and climits in
      99bfa52d9dea Cleanup sign checking in safe math code
      6b15c686879f Remove bad comment in HasSignBit
      28c208fcaf68 Revert of Remove bad comment in HasSignBit (patchset #1
                   id:1 of https://codereview.chromium.org/2562643005/ )
      f2896ed53d88 Revert of Cleanup sign checking in safe math code (patchset
                   #1 id:1 of https://codereview.chromium.org/2564493003/ )
      ba3c4f9491c6 Performance optimizations for base/numerics absolute value
                   and multiply
      e2d3dd950af5 Make base/numerics abs match runtime libraries
      186c7dbbea5e Support saturation overrides in saturated_cast
      7772a0500fa2 Revert of Support saturation overrides in saturated_cast
                   (patchset #7 id:180001 of
                   https://codereview.chromium.org/2578613002/ )
      71b669adca7b Support saturation overrides in saturated_cast
      8b34cfe3286e Improve saturated_cast performance
      3e898ba28836 Revert of Improve saturated_cast performance (patchset #4
                   id:160001 of https://codereview.chromium.org/2585043002/ )
      e3bd1f6de34f Improve saturated_cast performance
      af68077d100a SafeUnsignedAbs code size improvement for inlined function
      6dfadc0dc4a5 Minor base/numerics cleanup
      33232e07dc60 Simplify Checked Add, Sub, and Mul implementations
      7308c7f7745c Convert remaining CheckedNumeric unary operators to
      00c3bd0ec752 Switch IsValueInRangeForNumericType to IsValid()
      c8f03cd3ed7c Restructure saturated_cast<> internals
      082b2bad6a2b Cleanup RangeCheck class and dependencies
      8f2127bb83d8 [DirectoryOwnership] Add TEAM/COMPONENT into OWNERS files
      9711f036f202 Handle large rects better
      6d0446e51df5 Remove base::underlying_type, replace uses with
      6a2c67b92797 Split out code to be shared between CheckedNumeric and
      5c0b1ec78ac4 Fix some result type issues in base/numerics
      b180f39aa6a2 Add ClampedNumeric templates
      511dbccd99e3 Fix some documentation in base/numerics
      48b272671a15 Move base/numerics compiler-specific intrinsics to their
                   own file
      f3a69e049044 Add optimized arm implementations to base/numerics
      66dbfe275dad Fix ios builders after refs/heads/[email protected]{#486438}
      2caa66fd7e8f Revert "Fix ios builders after refs/heads/[email protected]{#486438}"
      e9d94b7d5d38 Revert "Add optimized arm implementations to base/numerics"
      a26da2727182 Add optimized arm implementations to base/numerics
      a81d2e5d1c20 Fix Max/Min methods for ClampedNumeric and add tests
      191d11489cb9 Replace Saturated*() calls with Clamp*() templates
      b1573039b777 Revert "Replace Saturated*() calls with Clamp*() templates"
      a15cf3ca707d Add optimized negation to ClampedNumeric
      c77d482ba4a8 Fix template bug in base::saturated_cast<>()
      dc579148b2f7 Fix perf and constexpr correctness in safe negation
      a1639d986058 Improve performance of safe absolute value
      c8067e05e5e1 Replace Saturated*() calls with Clamp*() templates
      5a28bfad5b3d Revert "Replace Saturated*() calls with Clamp*() templates"
      cbe684526321 Make base/numerics build with GCC
      93e7d07e70af Warn on ignored return value from
      4a572da99ce7 Replace Saturated*() calls with Clamp*() templates
      19bf43a04f98 Add missing inline directives for base/numerics
      576f51b8db14 Reduce branches in ClampedNumeric
      630ffea24378 Use std::isfinite at runtime in base/numerics
      0d61b7ad82f1 Move blink layout-specific saturated math back to WTF
      5cc331deecba Prevent dependency leaks to and from base/numerics
      3f9078d8c228 Fix base/numerics compile-time constant handling
      905089c657d6 Add missing header to base/numerics/BUILD.gn
      5cc2abf4c5a1 Improve checked_cast and saturated_cast performance
      4ad909a931bd Improve branching in CheckedNumeric and ClampedNumeric
      72b0d836b116 Improve base/numerics docs
      4d93ee3a4e69 Support enum in base/numerics cast templates
      5d5c23fa54f7 Improve base/numerics documentation
      680caa47a5c5 Use __debugbreak in base/numerics
      2202c8efcee5 Move cc::MathUtil::ClampToRange() to base and use it more
      76ed066d302d Move constants for pi from cc to base and use them more
      3725ec39917f Make ClampedNumeric and CheckedNumeric constexpr
      ffc71c032540 Reorder saturation calculation for ClampAddOp and
      95a989c109f4 Revert "Reorder saturation calculation for ClampAddOp and
      92f328e4ab80 Move cc::MathUtil::ApproximatelyEqual() from
                   cc/base/math_util.h to base/numerics/ranges.h
      5ec7403b4e78 Simplify ClampedSubOp and ClampedAddOp
      ec48e4ae39ee Fix the build of base/numerics with GCC
      e4839b632724 Make base::ClampToRange() match std::clamp()'s definition
      57a5f89e3e1f Minor documentation fix in base/numerics
      091d6297a7ba Run clang-tidy modernize-use-equals-{delete,default} on
                   //base headers
      66e55526c0bc Small wording clarifications to safe_numerics.h readme.md
      f1e233b3fb8a Avoid instantiating SaturateFastAsmOp<> for types that do
                   not use it
      97fa6e4bdf7b Remove a few unnecessary semicolons
      Change-Id: Icfb765e96ba379aaa0ac992d2c952d90820de4cb
      Reviewed-on: https://chromium-review.googlesource.com/c/1476667
      Reviewed-by: default avatarNico Weber <[email protected]>
    • Mark Mentovai's avatar
      Add -Wextra-semi to POSIX/Fuchsia Clang builds · 29c507fb
      Mark Mentovai authored
      Bug: chromium:926235
      Change-Id: I28474988d73ad014d248cc69156656c98402bbbb
      Reviewed-on: https://chromium-review.googlesource.com/c/1476666
      Reviewed-by: default avatarNico Weber <[email protected]>
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  21. 05 Jan, 2019 3 commits
    • Mark Mentovai's avatar
      Add cast · 737433eb
      Mark Mentovai authored
      Change-Id: Icf9344d5cac3cbe7bf449aeee64c53d59e18bde4
      Reviewed-on: https://chromium-review.googlesource.com/c/1396044
      Reviewed-by: default avatarMark Mentovai <[email protected]>
    • Mark Mentovai's avatar
      Placate MSVC in areas of base::size usage · 1f7255ea
      Mark Mentovai authored
      FAILED: obj/third_party/mini_chromium/mini_chromium/base/strings/base.stringprintf.obj
      ninja -t msvc -e environment.amd64 -- cl.exe /nologo /showIncludes -DNDEBUG -I../../third_party/mini_chromium/mini_chromium /DNOMINMAX /DUNICODE /DWIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN /D_CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS /D_HAS_EXCEPTIONS=0 /D_UNICODE /FS /W4 /WX /Zi /bigobj /wd4100 /wd4127 /wd4324 /wd4351 /wd4577 /wd4996 /GL /O2 /Ob2 /Oy- /Zc:inline /d2Zi+  /c ../../third_party/mini_chromium/mini_chromium/base/strings/stringprintf.cc /Foobj/third_party/mini_chromium/mini_chromium/base/strings/base.stringprintf.obj /Fd"obj/third_party/mini_chromium/mini_chromium/base/base_cc.pdb"
      ../../third_party/mini_chromium/mini_chromium/base/strings/stringprintf.cc(48): error C2220: warning treated as error - no 'object' file generated
      ../../third_party/mini_chromium/mini_chromium/base/strings/stringprintf.cc(106): note: see reference to function template instantiation 'void base::`anonymous-namespace'::StringAppendVT<std::string>(StringType *,const char *,va_list)' being compiled
      ../../third_party/mini_chromium/mini_chromium/base/strings/stringprintf.cc(48): warning C4267: 'initializing': conversion from 'size_t' to 'int', possible loss of data
      FAILED: obj/third_party/mini_chromium/mini_chromium/base/base.logging.obj
      ninja -t msvc -e environment.amd64 -- cl.exe /nologo /showIncludes -DNDEBUG -I../../third_party/mini_chromium/mini_chromium /DNOMINMAX /DUNICODE /DWIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN /D_CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS /D_HAS_EXCEPTIONS=0 /D_UNICODE /FS /W4 /WX /Zi /bigobj /wd4100 /wd4127 /wd4324 /wd4351 /wd4577 /wd4996 /GL /O2 /Ob2 /Oy- /Zc:inline /d2Zi+  /c ../../third_party/mini_chromium/mini_chromium/base/logging.cc /Foobj/third_party/mini_chromium/mini_chromium/base/base.logging.obj /Fd"obj/third_party/mini_chromium/mini_chromium/base/base_cc.pdb"
      ../../third_party/mini_chromium/mini_chromium/base/logging.cc(76): error C2220: warning treated as error - no 'object' file generated
      ../../third_party/mini_chromium/mini_chromium/base/logging.cc(76): warning C4267: 'argument': conversion from 'size_t' to 'DWORD', possible loss of data
      Change-Id: I451ca75a91c9f967a6795d635dae29834f51abf2
      Reviewed-on: https://chromium-review.googlesource.com/c/1396043
      Reviewed-by: default avatarMark Mentovai <[email protected]>
    • Mark Mentovai's avatar
      Remove the arraysize macro · 87a95a3d
      Mark Mentovai authored
      Its use was removed from Crashpad in c8a016b99d97, and it will be
      removed from Chromium in the future.
      Bug: chromium:837308
      Change-Id: Idb4fc1a235bd1452547133b28ac74cd851fb3b07
      Reviewed-on: https://chromium-review.googlesource.com/c/1396038
      Reviewed-by: default avatarMark Mentovai <[email protected]>
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