Commit 189270cd authored by Adam Vartanian's avatar Adam Vartanian Committed by CQ bot account: [email protected]
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Ignore Spectre mitigation warning.

VS2017 has added a new warning that indicates where Spectre mitigation
code would be inserted if /Qspectre were specified.

Change-Id: If80cd6a7d0c5a45313f4c3644b304cadecf465b0

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......@@ -151,6 +151,8 @@ elseif(MSVC)
"C4820" # 'bytes' bytes padding added after construct 'member_name'
"C5026" # move constructor was implicitly defined as deleted
"C5027" # move assignment operator was implicitly defined as deleted
"C5045" # Compiler will insert Spectre mitigation for memory load if
# /Qspectre switch specified
# See
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