Commit ab6b4976 authored by Roland McGrath's avatar Roland McGrath
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[gn] Make boringssl-sys Rust crate usable on host

Change-Id: Ie91972c98cac95e64165957ff1ab024ba8747305
parent 4d4d4cac
......@@ -14,4 +14,14 @@ rustc_library("boringssl-sys") {
# only depend on libcrypto until we actually use the SSL bits
if (current_toolchain == host_toolchain) {
# Unspeakable kludge to get the all wrong and completely fragile
# linking semantics for non_rust_deps to squeak through for the
# static libcrypto from boringssl.
crypto_out_dir = get_label_info(non_rust_deps[0], "target_out_dir")
static_libcrypto = rebase_path("$crypto_out_dir/libcrypto.a")
shlib_out_dir = get_label_info(":any($shlib_toolchain)", "root_out_dir")
write_file("$shlib_out_dir/", [ "INPUT($static_libcrypto)" ])
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