Commit e85d7839 authored by Yu Shan's avatar Yu Shan
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Add RSA and BN module.

Bug: None
Tests: None
Change-Id: Icd8d33863f2177c208ef8869f3a9d930f0477d65
parent df0e8f68
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ done
# Whitelist BoringSSL-related symbols so we don't get non-BoringSSL symbols such
# as platform-specific symbols (specific to the platform that is running
# 'bindgen') and other C standard library symbols.
# NOTE(joshlf) on --target: Currently, we just pass x86_64 since none of the
# symbols we're linking against are architecture-specific (they may be
# word-size-specific, but Fuchsia only targets 64-bit platforms). If this ever
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